Beautiful Blogger Award

:) I have received an award! :)

From The Book Guru Girl

Wow! Thank you!

Now, as per her instructions,

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Seven things about me.
1) I love to read (not surprising, is it?)
2) I'm an aspiring writer.
3) The first novel I ever wrote was a contemporary romance about a motherless girl and a Frenchman (And I hope very hard no one ever finds that manuscript! ;))
4) I once fell in a canal, and went down, curious and without batting an eye til a family friend yanked me out.
(which I don't know if I could ever do again!)
5) I wanted to be a rock star (ala Stevie Nicks and Heart), when I was younger.
6) I think Michael Shanks (the guy that plays Daniel Jackson on the series Stargate SG:1) is really cute
7) When I was a child, I tried to dig a hole to China.