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Here's something I thought y'all might find interesting.

Tina Glasneck Multi-Author Book Fair, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Romance

From Fantasy author Tina Glasneck, a new writer friend of mine. (She's awesome, by the way, you should check her books out!) She's hosting this Multi-Author fair, of which she says this: 

I love the books – and there is something special about the writing community when it joins together to promote. This month, I am hosting a multi-author book fair, whereby books from all across the different genres are present – mysteries, romances, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. The covers are there for readers to click on and discover something new.

The goal of the book fair is to share our unique platforms to help the participating authors grow – the authors involved will be sending newsletters, posting on social media and some even blogging, because when we are united, we’re able to make a larger wave, and introduce readers to the diverse stories and worlds of our imaginations.

I hope you will join in on the fun, and stop by. You just might discover your next book adventure.
You can find the Book Fair here:
We hope you find something you'll like!