Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Top 4 things that make me crazy when I read....

If you're wondering what these posts come from, I'm following (unofficially) this set of prompts here.

Top 4 things that drive me crazy when I read

Okay, you guys. Small disclaimer, I do hope I don't shoot myself in the foot with this post. It asked, I have opinions. (Those that know me know, oh, lordy, do I have opinions!!!) So with that small disclaimer in mind.... Things that make me crazy in reading....and I guess a little bit in writing too.

#1 Every girl wants to have a baby!

Thank you, No! I am happily child free. No children for us. Gives me way more time to write. :) This absolutely ruined Friends for me. The chick gets pregnant--or believes she must get pregnant otherwise she'll not be whole? Nope. I'm out. Feh. CLICHE! No.No we don't, Hollyweird/NYC. Thanks all the same.

#2 Torture or rape, after which the characters fall in love.

 Gag me. Sure you can tell me the heroine's been tortured or raped in the past, but I'd rather not see it. And if she falls in love with her rapist and "reforms" him (don't laugh, I could, but I won't, name you some books I've read where this happens--in the Romance genre. Not the horror genre, mind you), no. Just no. No. Do that, I'm out.

#3 Witches are evil/wear black/wear robes/wear pentacles/own cats/casts spells that fill the air with swirly colors and sparkles....

OMG, don't even get me started. Okay, I love wearing black, but that came before, you know *whispers* I found paganism. And look, some of us don't even use the term witch--or wear pentacles...or own cats. And just once, just once, I'd like a nouveau fantasy movie/tv show to let the magic happen with no visual representation. Snap their fingers, maybe; twitch their noses, okay. Swirly colors and smoke and sparkles? What is that, even? Disney, again? (Yeah, yeah, Cait's magic has a color; some cliches have to be, begrudgingly, used and Cait's magic has a lot of "kitchen sink" stuff in it.  My harshad warriors ... don't, though, do they? No. No they don't....not yet, anyway.)

#4: Stereotypes. Okay, I guess #3 above qualifies to go here, but there are other stereotypes that are used far too often that drive me the crazy, so they deserve their own number. Some you're probably not going to believe. Some have become so overused in the industry they're downright clich├ęs. Take a deep breath now. Agree to disagree... Ready?

a): All girls love to collect shoes.

Where the hell did this one even come from? Sex in the City? Look, I don't live in NY, I don't live in a high rise, I don't lust over guys in suits--and I only wear shoes when I fricken need to. I hate wearing them. The only time I put them on is when I'm leaving the house--and then, it's tennies. (and there was this one time, I left in my Crocs, instead of my actual tennies.) I tolerate boots too but they're more for practical reasons, because...well, let's just say they stay on my feet better. But I'd much, much rather go barefoot. All girls love shoes? CLICHE!

b) Southerners are podunks, beer-swilling, gun-totin', pickup driving, country music lovin', sports fan, hillbillies/hicks.

 *GAG SPLUTTER RAGE* Can we just drop this one, please? I am living proof that NONE of those apply. (Okay, maybe the country music, if you count Jason Isbell, Drive By Truckers, and Shovels & Rope as country) but I also prefer Metallica, and have been known to listen to Enya and jazz, blues and classical. The rest? Nope. I don't resemble that at all. Neither do many of my southern-born and dwelling friends. (Especially those of us with college degrees.) Have the southerner host an art opening for once, or take his girl to the symphony without whining, and checking his phone for the latest sport stats, please?

There are more that I could add to this list but I fear I've already bored you. *eg* So those are my top 4 things that make me crazy in books. How about you?




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