Sunday, January 22, 2017

Continuing all the plans...

Sunday Post was conceived by Kimberly at Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

And the attempts at scheduling failed again. I'm not sweating it, though. There was just a little news to report this week, anyway. I've been working hard on the various fiction projects. All are getting closer. One, I'm still debating some initial details on. Stay tuned.

On the marketing front.... The Antique Magic series is now available for borrowing with KindleUnlimited/Amazon Prime (except for Caitlin's Book of Shadows, which is still permafree).

I also piddled about with my new camera a bit. I've attempted a couple night time photographs, in the last few weeks. Let me tell ya, those things are harder to do than you'd think! On the 10th, we tried several full moon shots. Sad to report, I'd term them a failure, as even though we got one ("we got one!!" *buzzer*), it was too far off to get fully in focus. Still, we managed...

but... we fouled up the camera settings, trying them. Whoops! Never fear, with some calm-headed finagling, I was able to reset it the way it was supposed to be. I have an excuse! This is the first time my husband ever tried to use a digital 35 mm camera. :) Yes, we can totally blame it on him. I let him handle the thing in the dark. *shakes head*

I tried again a few days ago, and it just isn't possible without my tripod, which I didn't have on me, that the time. But I am learning.

On the reading front, I've been in a reading slump, lately. That's about all I can say about that. I blame having stories in my head to get down. I'd like to add some audiobooks to my reading pile, but that's on my list of things I'd like to do this year: up my books read from last year. Until then ... shall we get to the lists?

Books collected this week:

Lament of the Last Goddess by Jolene Dawe
Flash Gold by Lindsay Buroker
Hunted by Lindsay Buroker
Seduction at the Christmas Court by Jenna Jaxon
Liberty Awakened: Isle of Fangs Book 1 by Alicia Dean (Which, actually, I got through an Instafreebie link)
Touchstone of Love  - Beth Barany

Posts from this week:

More posts are forthcoming this week. :) I even have one scheduled up! Go me! So, plans continue. What are you planning for this week?
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