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 54 days to Halloween? Fantastic! 

Ahem, so you probably know, I've been doing the Pagan Youtube challenge this year and I thought I'd share this topic with y'all. I'm up to week 28. :) I know, I am perpetually behind. For week 28, the topic was do you use crystals? I've read books about them (or at least one book--Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystals, Gem, and Metal Magic.) and unfortunately most of the rocks and gems in there I've never been able to collect, either because I can't afford it or I can't find it. Humph.But I've dropped a few into my stories, from time to time, for instance in the Antique Magic series my character, Beryl's name came from the crystal beryl, and she collects them. You'll see them in her house in the background, if nowhere else, no doubt. :)  I have other characters who do (in works in progress and books I'm not sure any one will ever see--probably for good reason!).

So, in  a nutshell, yes, I do use them. I have a whole video on the subject of crystals here, if you'd like to see it.

Like anything else in this challenge, though, I have to add the qualifier to the question 'do I use them' with yes...sort of. Why 'sort of''? Well, I don't have a huge collection of shiny crystals. Aside from the ones you'll see in the video,  I have a clear quartz crystal around here somewhere that I got as a necklace .... donkey's years ago (as my grandmother would say) but I don't wear it. I also have some beautiful crystal earrings that have a faery attached. I don't wear those often either, if only because they're heavy. But I look at them every day when I pick up my necklace. Does that count? :)

And a few other things that I mention in the video. What I have most of, or what one might call my working crystals comprise a small collection. A rose quartz you can see I use to (1) charge my tarot and oracle cards here:

Pagan Youtube Challenge, #YTPaganChallenge, magic, pagan life, Antique Magic series, crystals, oracle cards, Moon Phases Oracle Deck @moon_phases_oracle, photo by Juli D. Revezzo

There's also one I forgot to add to the video: a purple aura crystal that I don't use a whole lot, but I like the color (colors, I should say :)). More than that, I have a collection of rocks. 

Yeah, I said rocks. Why rocks? Well, let's face it, you can walk out your door and find rocks anywhere, (one) and two, y'all know by now I like nature and natural, easily acquired things. It's my druid soul poking through, I think. Also, they're easy to collect. If you look hard enough, you can find beautiful rocks at any park you happen to frequent, I'll bet. I've picked up rocks from other states and brought them home (some of those you can see in my video), and I have to say they are my favorites. Some I've just had for a long time and wouldn't think of tossing them out. You really can connect energetically with anything and yeah, some times they won't have any written lore attached to them. So what? I say, go with your gut. If that black rock reminds you of night goddesses go for it (a word of caution, just make sure you are picking up a rock and not, well, as they put in the Shawshank Redemption, a horse apple. ;))

For those of you just getting started in paganism, you can exhaust your savings buying pretty shiny ones, true (and as I mention in my video, (2) I have bought some hematite and yes, it does seem to suck up nervous, negative energy, so wear it for that--also I've my eye on other crystals) but you can also find rocks that will work energetically as well as any expensive, store bought piece. The only drawback to those, you might as well know, is that it's damn near impossible to correctly identify "any ole rock" you find, unless you happen to know a geologist (and I do, and she said "you'd really have to run what's called an acid test on a rock to identify it", that it's really hard to identify from sight or a picture. I did not know that before I asked her! :))

But (3) rocks have their own special energies. For instance, if you find any near a stream, river, or any water source, actually,I feel the energies of water mix right in with the earth energies of the rock itself, so use them in any water or earth-based working seems appropriate.

In the end, collect what draws you to it, I say. Meanwhile, if you want to check out some pretty offerings of crystals from my favorite shops, as usual, I recommend Wytch of the North and White Witch Parlor among others.

So, there you go. Take your pick. Thanks for reading and if you'd like to see the video, please do--and give it a little like at Youtube, if you would? :)

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