Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I Am Legend review--#‎Octoberfrights‬ #giveaway #zombieapocalypse

I_am_legend_teaserSo every time I think of Halloween this subject comes up. What books and movies can I talk about? Well, I realize I haven't done a review in a while. So, I pulled out my favorite of the last few years: I Am Legend. Yeah, yeah. I've heard a lot of people grumble about this movie, but I loved it. So! I thought why not. I'll probably review Vincent Price's 1964 movie version, The Last Man on Earth, later, so stay tuned.
The premise of Will Smith's version of I Am Legend, the movie is  pretty much the same. Sort of.

I Am Legend starts out with a newscaster interviewing a doctor (played by Emma Thompson) announcing the cure for Cancer has been found. YAA!!!

Well, not so fast. Three years later, we're shown a New York City that's completely abandoned and in ruins, overrun by wild animals, flora and fauna. Turns out, that so-called cure launched a virus that wiped out 90% of the world's population. Only 10% survive and, as far as our main character Dr. Neville knows, only one person has survived. Himself. The others have all turned into twisted, animalistic creatures, more zombie than human. Not to give any spoilers away but he works tirelessly to create a cure for this virus and distracts himself as he can, doing everything from working out, to watching every movie the local video stores have to offer (yes, this movie was made in 2007--before the collapse of the video stores!) and listening to cds, and scouting for supplies. On said-missions around NY Neville hopes to find survivors, but all he finds...are the infected. And
animal-er-zombie-like they see him as a possible food source. EEP!

Those scenes, particularly when he must go into a dark building where the zombies (or Darkseekers, as the movie calls them) are quite harrowing. The world itself, or what it has become with only one man left walking around tending to it, actually seems *snark* less far-fetched than most End of the World set pieces. But the story itself is just riveting in my opinion. Fans of Richard Mattheson's novel complained because the movie is different from the book, and those differences are probably why it got so many bad reviews. However,  I think Will Smith and crew did a fine job and despite the differences, I loved it. The message is just great, it's the end of the world as we know it, but we'll survive, we'll fix it, and be just fine.

*And yes, in case you're wondering, both I Am Legend/Last Man on Earth did have an influence on the little zombie story I'm giving away: Bicycle Requiem. Click here to find and fill out the Rafflecopter for said-giveaway.

Giveaway is now over.
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