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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Ice Captain's Daughter by S.G. Rogers

The Ice Captain's Daughter.
 by Suzanne G. Rogers
(This book was a personal purchase)

 In Best selling author Suzanne G. Rogers’ newest release, The Ice Captain’s Daughter, an historical romance, when eighteen year old Miss Jillian Roring is accosted on her way to her first “Season” in London, MacKenzie Logan comes to her aid. Learning that she is far from home, he offers the beleaguered young lady one of his guest rooms. But when Jillian’s aunt and Uncle learn she’s spent the night alone with the reputed rogue Logan, they insist the couple marry to cover up any resulting scandal.   Jillian herself is anything but blemish-free, being the daughter of the famed Ice Captain. How could Logan accept her when all London looks down on her for that? How could her family accept the scandalous Logan, when rumors swirl about the break-up of his last love affair?

 But already taken with her charms, Logan agrees to the betrothal. Jillian, on the other hand, isn’t so sure this is the best of decisions, declines and goes home with her aunt and uncle. Besides, the more she learns of Logan, the more unsure Jillian becomes, Rumor is he left his ex-girlfriend to chase women, and she’s heard he and his friends have made bets on who will capture her heart first!

Well, you know how rumor is…Maybe one of the gossipers still has it out for ole Logan. For his part, Logan won’t be discouraged so easily, until Jillian can learn the truth and decide for herself. As for her attackers…where did they get off to? And what happened to Jillian’s maid, who the thief sent home to fetch her uncle and aunt? The one they say never arrived? You’ll have to read to find out.

 You know, I love Ms. Rogers' stuff. This is no different. Her Regency Romance debut, The Ice Captain’s Daughter is a delightful Young Adult novella, well-researched and with some surprising elements. Coupled with Rogers’ signature hint of humor, I think her new title lends something to the sometimes stuffy genre of Regency Romance, that may hook a few younger readers to the genre. If you enjoy sweet, lighthearted romance, Suzanne G. Rogers’ The Ice Captain’s Daughter you’ll find it, as I did, for sale currently at Amazon for Kindle, for $.99.

 I hear tell Ms. Rogers’ is about to release a follow-up to this delightful tale, so now would be the time to check it out.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Spirit of the Mountain by Paty Jager and sale

cover art by Nicola Martinez
Spirit of the Mountain
Paty Jager
(I received my review copy from author for an honest review)

I could've sworn I posted this review, but I guess not. So!

Award-winning western Romance author Paty Jager has taken a turn into fantasy romance with her latest series. The initial title in the series, Spirit of the Mountain, tells of daughter of the Nimiipuu chieftain, Wren, as she seeks and finds her weyekin (her guardian spirit), who appears to Wren as a white wolf. But the destiny her guide lays out for her isn’t one she expected or can necessarily stomach, for the Creator has dictated that she be married into an enemy tribe—the feared Blackleg tribe—who have in times past, wreaked much havoc on the peaceful Nimiipuu.

When on a stroll through her beloved mountain’s paths, Wren runs across a lovely white wolf, and thinking it her weyekin come to guide her again, begins pouring out her troubles to it, an impartial listener. But this is no guide, yet it is no ordinary wolf either. No, for it is actually the Spirit of the Mountain, Himiin. The form and duty he’s taken, though he’s proud to do it, has been given to him as a punishment by the Creator, for a death he caused a while back. So it shocks him that Wren would think to stay in his presence, let alone build a friendship with him.

Himiin’s brother and sister council and cajole him, but it’s no use. He feels he must warn her, that all might not be as it seems. He takes human form and the maiden falls as hard for him, as he has for her. Risking one passionate night, and possibly, both their futures. But how can he, a spirit, possibly build a life with Wren, a human, when his first duty is to the mountain and the Nimiipuu, and Wren’s first duty is to build peace between her tribe, and the Blackleg, through marriage to one of the schemers? And how will the Nimiipuu react when they find out the maiden they bargained for, well, isn’t quite as intact as they’d hoped? With an evil spirit on their side, will the Blackleg succeed in destroying the Nimiipuu as they wish?

You’ll have to read to find out.

Spirit of the Mountain (my reading copy of which came from Ms. Jager) gives readers a setting not usually seen in paranormal romance. Paty Jager put a lot of research into this book, and the narrative shows it in the lush settings and mannerisms of her characters. The lore and legends of these people were particularly interesting and the spirits, an interesting bunch. The only drawback to the story was the odd words and names used, but if you’re a longtime reader of fantasy and science fiction, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the hang of. There’s also a pronunciation guide on Ms. Jager’s site if one should need it. Historical notes are also included that point out the history of animosity between these two tribes. Interesting stuff!
All in all, Ms. Jager builds a clever fantasy, here, that will be touched upon again in her forthcoming follow-up, Spirit of the Lake (due out in May from The Wild Rose Press). In the meantime, if you’d like to check out Spirit of the Mountain, it is available in Ebook and paperback from The Wild Rose Press, or Barnesandnoble.com.

By the way it is going on sale for $.99 Friday (today) and stays on sale through the 30th. Enjoy!

You can find out more about Paty Jager at her blog:
or her website: http://patyjager.net/
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Release--The Temporary Wizard of Locklynn by S.G. Rogers

Congrats to my friend Suzanne G. Rogers for her new release: The Temporary Wizard of Locklynn. It’s free on Suzanne's site. If you’d like to read it, you can find part one here.

 I think it’s no secret how much I just love Suzanne’s work, so I urge you to give it a try if you haven’t before. :)

 Temporary Wizard of Locklynn by Suzanne G. Rogers  
After Ilene completes her wizarding apprenticeship, she begins to look for a job. As one of the first female wizards, however, she underestimates the challenge. The pretty town of Locklynn needs help, so Ilene agrees to a temporary position. Can she prove herself before Locklynn’s wizard returns, or will Locklynn’s wizard ultimately prove her undoing?

 Enjoy. Congrats, Suzanne , dear, on your new release! 

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