Once Upon a Time

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So, I started watching this new show on ABC, Once Upon a Time. Have you seen this? It's a twisted-fairy tale series. This cop, Emma Swan (played by Jennifer Morrison, the gal that was a doctor on House) comes to Storybrooke and (somehow--yes, I need to catch up ) gets stuck there. The mayor takes an immediate dislike to her, but then she seems to hate everyone, especially a young woman named Mary Margaret--AKA Snow White-- (played by Ginnifer Goodwin). Emma's son has this book he carries around full of all sorts of Fairy Tales that help Emma figure out each week's episode (erm, more or less).

Back to Mary Margaret, poor girl, supposedly, killed someone and the evil queen--erm, mayor--wants her dead. Emma moves in and takes over the position as town sheriff and has to incarcerate Mary Margaret....

Fast forward to two weeks ago, which was the first one I saw, Mary Margaret is, apparently, Snow White, and out to kill the Regina (played by Lana Parrilla), who is her evil queen stepmother/Regina the mayor of Storybrooke, who "banished all storybook characters to our world"--and Rumplestilskin(AKA Mr. Gold--played by Played by Robert Carlyle) is her lawyer. Oh, yes. I can already see where this trial's going to go, can't you?

Anyway.... I won't give you a spoiler for last week, but let's just say what happened at the end, had Emma out searching Storybrooke after dark, when she runs into...the Mad Hatter.

(Yeah, they're really playing with the "fairytale" definition. Never mind). I'm a huge fan of the book Alice in Wonderland, so I'll forgive them. :) Anyway, Emma runs into the Mad Hatter, he kidnaps Emma and insists she make him a magic hat that'll work to get him back to Wonderland and his daughter. So! Poor Emma, who has no idea how to work any kind of magic is forced to try to make this hat, meanwhile learning a little bit more about the wacko who's kidnapped her (he had a daughter, whom Regina tricked him into leaving behind in order to take her to Wonderland--and left him there) and now, somehow he got to Storybrooke.

There's a lot lacking in network television these days, but this show's pretty darned good, enough for me to say I'm getting hooked, even after only two episodes (which of course I hope this doesn't mean it's about to be canceled--like Terra Nova was last year *sigh*).

Anyway, it's a pretty darned cool show. If you'd like to see the Mad Hatter episode, "Hat Trick" it's still up on the ABC site , if you'd like to see it, it's here. In fact, the whole series is up on the Once Upon a Time website. The next episode is on tonight (Sunday at 8PM).

Have you seen Once Upon A Time? What do you think of it?