Martial Hearts by Kelly McCrady

cover art by Nicola Martinez
Martial Hearts
Kelly McCrady
published by The Wild Rose Press, Sweetheart Rose Line
(My reading copy was purchased at The Wild Rose Press website)

In Kelly McCrady’s Martial Hearts April Martin is a student of the martial art Kenpo Karate, and in between her lessons, it seems she’s fallen for her instructor, the very cute and capable black belt Austin Li. She just can’t bring herself to tell him. What’s a girl to do when the fantasies of her instructor won’t quit kicking her in the gut? Dare she hope he's as interested in her as she is in him? Maybe a private lesson would sort things out, but is the shy little nurse April brazen enough to take the chance? What will Austin do when she’s got him pinned to the mat?

You know the drill. You’ll have to read to find out the answer to that, one. ;)

With a vividly drawn heroine who, though never shirking from a fight, has a palpable fear of rejection—and a hero I dare any gal not to take an interest in—Ms. McCrady’s Martial Hearts is an endearing little story. Part of Sweetheart Rose line for The Wild Rose Press, and a short little novella of thirty-five pages, I was a little partial to the storyline, given a personal connection to a Clearwater based Kenpo instructor ( ), but I think any fan of sweet romance, and maybe students of Kenpo Karate, might enjoy this one.

My rating?

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