Kissing Kelli, a cute and sweet Texas romance by Kathy Carmichael

cover art by Kathy Carmichael
Kissing Kelli
Kathy Carmichael
(my review copy provided by the author. *waves* Thanks, Kathy!)

In romantic comedy author Kathy Carmichael’s newly repackaged and published novel Kissing Kelli, she continues her Texas Legacy romantic comedy series, by relating the story of Dr. Kelli Palmer and rodeo star Bobby Gray who meet on Independence day and fall head over heels in love. However, Kelli won’t reveal her feelings to Bobby Gray because her sister Laurie told her to stay away from him, because he’s hers!

But Bobby Gray has no idea of this mandate and is desperate to make Kelli accept him. He goes out of his way to bring injured animals to her, spending loads of the family money, and ticking off his brother Monty Joe in the process. However, Monty Joe wants Kelli’s input on something himself. She’s a princess, you see, as well as a veterinarian and there’s a particular royals-obsessed banker Monty Joe needs to impress. It’s up to Bobby to convince her to attend the dinner with said-banker. Maybe it could even double as their first date.

Does it go well? You’ll have to pick up a copy of Kathy Carmichael’s Kissing Kelli for yourself to find out the answer to that. Another sweet and funny offering from author Kathy Carmichael, and her latest foray into self-publishing for Kindle, one I think you can’t go wrong with. If you’d like to check it out, Kissing Kelli is available for Kindle at, and in paperback.You can also find other ereader formats at Smashwords. Do give it a look. I think fans of sweet and funny romances will enjoy it.

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As ever, there's a slightly different version of this review over at the Examiner. Pretty please, would you give it a click here? (Thanks to Kathy Carmichael for providing my reading copy)

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