Hi all. I just wanted to pop in here and relay a couple things. I had a little household accident this weekend (think broken glass and lots of blood) which resulted in stitches and lots of gauze bandages on my hand, so typing is tough right now. I'm one-handed. So not fun! Once i get the stitches out, doctor's orders willing, i hope to be able to post revies again. i'm sure they'll be piling up. In the pipeline: Anna Small's Taking a Chance on Forever (let me just say i loved it!), possibly chamber of secrets (gdoes that really need more introduction?), &maybe depending on where they stand a few others. Holding the e-reader--noy so easy. I'll get to them asap. sorry about this.

In the meantime booklovers inc. is hosting vicki pettersson, w/ a giveaway, here and suzanne @ preternatura is doing her new release giveawy w/ some nifty titles to choose from, here. Special congrats to fellow TARA gal Terri Garey on here new release!

Thank you for bearing with this unexpected hiatus. the mummy refuses to take over for me--bastard that he is. ;)