The Midnight Mayor

Art copyright: Lauren Panepinto/Shutterstock

The Midnight Mayor
by Kate Griffin
Published by Orbit Books
my review copy came from the fine folks at Orbit.

In The Midnight Mayor, part two of a new Urban Fantasy series by Kate Griffin plays with the idea that a strange, and mythical, destruction is looming over London’s streets. The only thing between doom, and the citizens at large, is a legendary “Midnight Mayor” who keeps this evil at bay. This novel continues the story of mage Matthew Swift who, here, awakens one evening with almost no memory of how he came to be unconscious on the floor with a phone receiver in his hand. Prior to this (in volume one, presumably) Swift had a battle with some rival sorcerers, and ended up dead, and resurrected, with a host of "Blue Electric Angels" in his head (or at least things that communicate with him in his thoughts). Now again nearly dead, singed almost to a crisp, Swift has come to find out London’s current Midnight Mayor is dead and he has been given the honor of that title.

But apparently someone’s out to destroy him, and all of London’s magical barriers in the process. It’s up to Swift to solve this puzzle--if only he could find the elusive Hat this someone seems to have lost.

Can Matthew Swift accomplish this feat? Or will London be doomed? You’ll have to read The Midnight Mayor to find out.

If you don't mind colloquialistic writing (though truthfully I do, but for say, when I started to think of it like  A Clockwork Orange, I did better)  and are in an adventurous mood,  I urge you to give this new and unique series by Kate Griffin a try. The Midnight Mayor (and indeed the full series--book one is entitled A Madness of Angels, and the recently released third book The Neon Court) is available at amazon, or or any of your local chain bookstores.