Musing Monday

Lori at Escape Between the Pages asked, are you a mood reader....

I have to say, oh, definitely. I love reading, but I admit it, sometimes I have to be in the mood to pick up a book--especially depending on if it's a HEA or a heavier dark Fantasy or something with dark, dreary, bloody overtones (think Tom Harris more than Stephen King type). And these days...well, long time friends you know what I've been dealing with here lately? It's only been lately that I've been coming out that cloud and able to pick up HEA's again. *sigh* Ones I tend to return to over and over though are more classic literary, Alice in Wonderland, Virginia Woolf, or classic fantasy, like Michael Moorcock. As dark as ...well, the second two are, they're my comfort reading. So yes, I'm definitely a mood reader. How about you?

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