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Okay, this is going to be short and sweet. A fangirl moment, if you will.....

Lisa Shearin's new book in the Raine series comes out today. Con and Conjure. Rob Thurman has a contest running for signed copies of her series. To enter, see his blog here. And he says something interesting that seems to go against most conventionlal wisdom "If you can, please help Lisa out and wait until the official date of release or that first week to buy. It helps authors tremendously with our rankings and sometimes, baby, rankings is all we have."

Interesting, I think because most of the writers I know/have read riffing on this topic claim pre-orders are more important.... just something I found interesting. Anyway, congrats, Lisa on the new release. :) This is a fantastic little series. It's available of course at Amazon and other places like that. :)

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