In regards my last few reviews. I feel bad. They come off sounding caustic and dare I say it B*****. There' was a somewhat unexpected death in my family, last month, that has just thrown me completely for a loop and it's making me very touchy about things, and not able to tolerate much. Maybe it was wrong of me to even try to touch on those few books, but I felt obligated to the people who sent them to me to get them reviewed, and lucky authors, they fell right in the center of that tumultous time in my life. :(

So ....if apologies are needed then dole them out to everyone involved. I've actually had a few offers for reviews lately and I've had to ask them, "does this happen? Is your character like that? Then, sorry, no., It's going to slay me if I try to read it." So! That said, If I could pull down the last two reviews, I would (in fact, the Carrie Vaughn one's coming down--sorry Carrie, I'm so sorry.). The books really weren't that bad. They just hit me harder, than I think they should have. You should definitely give them a try.

As to the Examiner links, c'est la vie, I don't think I can do anything about those. :(  To those that have sent me stuff in the last year to review, if I haven't gotten to you, I'll keep trying, but if nothing comes out but caustic screaming, you won't see the reviews here from now on. Sorry. *sigh*

Candle above part of the Lost Romance kit by Scrap Dimensions.