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Beth Trissel Guest post

I have one more guest in my Christmas extravaganza. Romance author Beth Trissel stopped by talking about that classic Christmas tale, "A Christmas Carol" and her own new Christmas Romance.
Also, a giveaway. Do drop by! :) The post is up here:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas event, Linda McLaughlin Regency Cinderella

This one's for the Regency Romance lovers. Author Linda McLaughlin's guest post is now up. You can see it here:

There's a giveaway involved too (and of course, Night Mistress Emcee sheenanigans. ;)) So do drop by.

What are you reading?

Slightly late, of course, you know me. :)Here's another edition of another addition of What are you reading Monday. Well here's what I'm reading:

In a holiday mood (OMG, can you believe Christmas in next Sunday?), I'm reading Paty Jager's historical romance short, Christmas Redemption.

Here's the blurb for this one:

Van Donovan returns to Pleasant Valley, Oregon where twelve years earlier as a boy of fifteen he left in handcuffs after standing guard for a bank robbery. He's learned a trade and excelled at it and is ready to prove to his father and the town he can amount to something.

Upon his return he learns the fate of the daughter of an innocent man who died in the robbery crossfire. To make amends he takes her out of the saloon and gives her a job, not realizing she'd been squatting in the very building he'd purchased for his business.

Can two battered hearts find solace or will the past continue to haunt their lives?

It's currently available free (Until January 1st) at Smashwords and Amazon for Kindle.

I've also been reading Joanne Rock's Under Wraps.

The book blurb reads:

Marnie Wainwright started her fantasy escapes travel agency, Lose Yourself… to spice up boring dialing routines for others. But when she discovers she’s the subject of a deliciously hot private investigator’s surveillance, she suddenly starts living her own wildest fantasies. After all, what better gift could she get than a chance to spend the holidays at a quaint Adirondack Inn—which just happens to offer naughty playtime for sensually adventurous couples—with her sexy PI?

Jake Brennan should keep his hands off Marnie. But she’s delectable… irresistible! And the longer he keeps his desire under wraps, the more he wants her.

If only she wasn’t his number one suspect…

Lose Yourself… what you find might change your life.

It's available for Amazon's Kindle, or Nook, if you'd like to check it out.

This one actually came out last Christmas, and I had hoped to get to it, but longtime readers remember what a downer last Christmas was for me here. I really am enjoying it (Under Wraps) though. What can I say? I just like Ms. Rock's voice and style. *nods* I think romance fans'll like this one. Full review forthcoming.

So what are you reading, today?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Joanne Rock’s Highland Twelfth Night festivities

(Testing. I think I fixed the blogger problem. In the meantime, if you missed it on the new blog, enjoy this book review)

Summoned For Seduction
by Joanne Rock
Publisher: Harlequin

(My review copy was purchased from the Harlequin Website)

In romance author Joanne Rock’s release for Harlequin Historicals Undone, Summoned for Seduction she presents Helene MacKail whose Twelfth Night fun at Domhnaill Keep is ruined by the fact that her father wishes her to marry a particularly fiendish highland lord, Léod mac Ruadhán, about whom vicious rumors swirl. It is said Léod caused his first wife’s death, after all. She does what any sane woman would do: She lies to Léod and hides out in her bedroom during the festivities. Some kind courtier takes it upon himself to offer her the dinner she missed, in Lady Cristiana’s brewhouse, and hungry, she can’t help but accept anonymous invitation. How could she expect what intrigue, seduction, and ultimately fate, awaits her?

What happens? Well, you’ll have to read to find out. As prequel to Joanne Rock’s January 2011 Harlequin Historical novel, In The Laird’s Bed, this short, 47 page Historical Undone novella brings the intrigue and some could say threat, as well as passion of an arranged Medieval betrothal to life. Though, in my opinion it may be a little too early to start thinking about Christmas, this book will definitely get you in the mood, I think. I enjoyed it, anyway. :) If you'd like to try it out, Summoned for Seduction is available for kindle and other e-readers from the Harlequin website, or  via

guest posts alert

Just thought I'd let y'all know, Laurie at Bitten by Paranormal Romance is hosting Harlequin Historicals author Marguerite Kaye, today. She'll be giving away a copy of her new book, so don't miss that. You can see it here:

Thursday, December 8, 2011

WW28: Jezebel's Wish

Sorry I'm late on it another Wicked Wednesday already? Well, here's my pick for the week's WW28,

From Jezebel's Wish by AJ Nuest


The next thing she knew she was waking up at her mother’s house in Wisconsin, the banging noise of an irritated horse jolting her from her dreams.

Hmm....sounds like she's in for quite a day, doesn't it?

Here's a bit about the book from Good Reads:

Haunted by nightmares, tormented by guilt, Jezebel came to Redemption Ranch to escape the past-except now she's stuck in the middle of nowhere with no redemption in sight. When her mother pushes her into riding lessons with local veterinarian Matthias Saunders, Jezebel balks. Sure, the doctor is gorgeous, but he's completely obnoxious and knows how to push every one of her buttons.

Only her deep connection with The Reverend, a gentle stallion who guards her darkest secrets, has her agreeing to spend any more time with Dr. Saunders. Caring for the stallion is the first bright spot in her life in months, and if being around the horse means she has to deal with Matthias Saunders, then so be it. Surely a city girl like her can handle one country vet-even one with disturbing blue eyes. Can't she?

Want to read more? You can find out more on AJ's site: AJ's Tattered Pages. The book is available in paperback and for the Nook. I hope you enjoy it! :)


There are a couple giveaways going on around the blogosphere. Two I thought you might be interested:

Smexy Books is giving away a Kindle Fire, with some very hot Guess Who games.

and Caroline Clemmons, in a guest post here, is talking about Christmas shopping and giving away a copy of Home Sweet Texas Home, over here on Sky Purlington's blog. Good luck to all who try for them!

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teaser tuesday 2

Blogger is being even worse to me now. I hope you've all subscribed to my new blog because this one? peh!!
Anyway, my whack at this week's Teaser Tuesday is up now, on the new blog... here:
I hope you like it!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sharron Riddle guest post

Paranormal romance author Sharron Riddle visits me, with a Halloween post and giveaway. If you'd like to, you can see it here.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Early cover art release

Check out Suzanne Lazear's cover art for her upcoming YA steampunk release Innocent Darkness.
Isn't it gorgeous?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween event continues.

Romantic Comedy author Kathy Carmichael is guesting on my wordpress blog today, talking about the first time she went ghost hunting--and of course, how that tied into her new comedic romance Your Magic Touch.

If you wish to stop by (and leave a comment) you can see the post here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paranormal Haven's Halloween Bash

Paranormal romance author Dani Harper is guest@ Paranormal Haven today with a neat little flash fiction piece

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Paranormal Haven: Caitlin Kittredge guest post

The lucky blog owners at Paranormal Haven is hosting a guest post (and give away) with UF/YA author Caitlin Kittredge today. Stop by here and see what she has to say about her release The Iron Thorn.

Monday, October 3, 2011

New mass market releases for October

As usual, a whole crop of stuff is out, and is due out this week, included a few from local Tampa Authors. So, wondering what’s out there? Here’s the list.

Firestorm by Taylor Anderson
Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews
Darkness Unbound by Keri Arthur
Spider's Revenge by Jennifer Estep
Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson 
Changes: Volume Three of the Collegium Chronicles by Mercedes Lackey (Supposedly. Her site lists it as still forthcoming...and Amazon doesn't have cover art for it yet, so who knows?)
Frank Miller’s Holy Terror (graphic novel)

Blood Rights (House of Comarré book one) by Kristen Painter  Congrats, Kristen! :) She's a writers group friend. So..I've been waiting for this one for a while. :)

Snuff by Terry Pratchett
Ganymede by Cherie Priest
Reamde by Neal Stephenson
Children of the Sky by Vernor Vinge
A Beautiful Friendship by David Weber
The Dark at the End by F. Paul Wilson

Bespelling Jane Austen by Mary Balogh, Colleen Gleason, Susan Krinard, and Janet Mullany   
Angels of Darkness (anthology of angelic stories by Meljean Brook, Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh, Sharon Shinn)
Marrying the Mayor by Victoria Bylin
Reckoning for the Dead by Jordan Dane
The Norse King’s Daughter by Sandra Hill
Truly, Madly, Viking by Sandra Hill
1225 Christmas Tree Lane by Debbie Macomber
Christmas at Timberwoods by Fern Michaels
Alterant by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love 
Billionaire Jet Set Babies by Catherine Mann
Unlawfully Wedded Bride by Noelle Marchand 
Blood and Fire by Shannon McKenna
A Will and A Way by Nora Roberts
Mr. Darcy’s Bite by Mary Simonsen
Sexiest Vampire Alive by Kerrelyn Sparks
A Very Vampy Christmas by Kerrelyn Sparks (Ebook)
Steamlust (anthology of erotic steampunk love stories by Christine d’bo, Meljean Brook, Sylvia Day, Saskia Walker and others)
The Ugly Duckling Debutante by Rachel Van Dyken
An O’Brien Family Christmas by Sherryl Woods

Dangerous to Know by Tasha Alexander
Miss Dimple Disappears by Mignon F. Ballard
Lethal by Sandra Brown
Heat Rises by “Richard Castle”
The Affair (a Reacher novel) by Lee Child
Dead or Alive by Tom Clancy
The Lost Women of Lost Lake by Ellen Hart
Split Second by Alex Kava (Audio book)
The Devil’s Puzzle by Claire o’Donohue
Robert B. Parker’s Killing the Blues by Michael Brandman
Don’t Blink by James Patterson (and Howard Roughan
Mimosas, Mischief and Murder by Sara Rosett
Shock Wave by John Sandford (due October 4)
The Dove of Death by Peter Treymayne
Strategic Moves by Stuart Woods 
The Sacred Stone by The Medieval Murderers (an anthology of stories by Susana Gregory, Simon Beaufort, Bernard Knight, Karen Maitland, Ian Morson, and Philip Gooden)

Lost Memory of Skin by Russel Banks
Nightwoods: A novel by Charles Frazier
Little Black Dress by Susan McBride

Abarat: Absolute Midnight by Clive Barker
The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga
The Book of Cthulu (an anthology by Night Shade Books (featuring stories inspired by the Lovecraft classic, by such authors as Kage Baker, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Brian Lumley, Bruce Sterling, Charles Stross, and more)

The Witches of Santa Anna season 1-3 by Lauren Barnholdt , Aaron Gorvine
Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs 
Lost in Time (a Blue Bloods Novel) by Melissa De La Cruz
Beautiful Days by Anna Godbersen
The Fairy Ring by Kiki Hamilton
Darkfall (Healing Wars #3) by Janice Hardy (due out October 4)
Tris and Izzy by Mette Ivie Harrison (due out October 11) 
Reasons to be Happy by Katrina Kittle 
Phoenix (Beautiful Dead #4) by Eden Maguire
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Juliet Spell by Douglas Rees
The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan (October 4)
Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
All These Things I’ve Done by Gabrielle Zevin

So lots of interesting things. You can get these at, books-a-million and of course your local bookstores.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blogger weirdness

Hey y'all I am having some really weird issues with Blogger not loading...well, your blogs, in firefox 7 so, I don't know what's going on, whether it's my dino computer or what. But.... just so you know, I'm trying to read you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terra Nova Premiere

Did you see the show last night? I posted a review here of it here:

Be aware, if you haven't seen the episode, there are some spoilers involved. But I'd be interested to hear what y'all thought of the show. :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Banned book week posts

Hi all. I've got a few posts concerning banned book week over at my other blog.

An Intro:

Banned book review 1 : Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by JK Rowling here)

Banned book review 2: (thanks Shelia for letting me know about this!):
Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf here.

I hope you find them entertaining/insightful and educational. :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Giveaway: Ruling Passions at ATUF

All Things Urban Fantasy is giving away a copy of the omnibus of Ruling Passions by Alyxandra Harvey. (Includes Hearts at Stake, Blood Feud, and Out for Blood.) Details here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

(A Meme by Should Be Reading)

From Dragon Haven
by Robin Hobb.
p. 249
"You're splattering mud all over me. Stop it!" Sintara lifted the frills along her neck, confident that her own display was at least as intimidating as his.*

This is book two in the Rain Wild Chronicles, with, according to Robin Hobb's website, a third and fourth volume coming in 2012. If you're interested in reading more of Dragon Haven, it's available at local bookstores, and of course online at, and

*This quote came from the ARC sent to by the folks at Eos. I don't have a published copy, so I don't know if this line is still in the published book itself.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Making her own way

I found this on a friend's site and thought some of the writers here might find it interesting

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Q and A with Loretta C. Rogers.

To continue with the last review I posted (Bannon's Brides), I've also done a Q and A over at the Examiner, with author Loretta C. Rogers, about her book. If you'd like to see it, it's up here. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Loretta C. Rogers' blushing brides

cover art by Angela Anderson

Bannon's Brides
Loretta C. Rogers
Published by Cactus Rose/The Wild Rose Press
(My review copy came from the author. Thanks, Loretta! :))

In Loretta C. Rogers’ latest historical romance, Bannon’s Brides, Fiona is bereft over the loss of both her brother and father, and living alone, faces Blackie Sledge’s relentless attempts to make her the latest addition to his brothels—and his bed. Fiona can’t stand the thought, and so makes a desperate choice to become a mail order bride. Surely traveling cross-country to marry a hardworking logger will be better than becoming Blackie’s latest tarnished gem.

Cordell Bannon doesn’t much care about the background or troubles of the women he’s to escort to the Oregon territory, so long as they all arrive safe and sound and can each fulfill their contracts. There are many dangers along the way—Indians, sickness, weather, snakes—and it’s quite possible many of the eager, prospective brides won’t survive to see Oregon’s borders.

What Bannon doesn’t count on is the fiery Fiona, nor how quickly becomes the group’s leader. Nor does he foresee how she easily she will wrap his heart around her little finger. However, since Fiona’s an alternate bride, she’s bound to take the place of one of the main brides—automatically betrothed to a logger—if the first choice dies.

And there are a lot of hazards to worry about, while crossing the wild country—disease, snakes, Indians, storms. Did I mention the buffalo stampede?

Just about everything gets thrown at this poor wagon train of brides.

If the main brides survive, however Fiona is free to marry who she wants, and she wants Bannon!

So! Will Fiona escape Blackie Sledge or will he come claim what he sees as his property? Will the brides survive this wild adventure (and wild, it is)? Heck, will Cordell and Isaiah survive to get the women cross country, come to that?

Author Loretta C. Rogers has built quite a wild adventure, here, and sprinkled her vivid picture of the Old West with a very large cast of interesting characters. Historical fiction readers, and fans of Western Romances alike, should not be disappointed.

My rating? Well, my readers, you know I'm picky as far as historicals go, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one so:

 I look forward to reading more of her work someday. :)

If you want to find out what happens to Fiona, the brides, and their stalwart escorts, you’ll have to get Bannon’s Brides for yourself. It’s available at The Wild Rose Press in ebook here, and paperback here, or at Amazon in paperback and for the Kindle, and for the Sony E-reader at the Sony store here.

If you'd like to learn more about Loretta C. Rogers and her works see her website at


Juli D. Revezzo has written the Victorian romance novel WATCHMAKER'S HEART. Check it out at Amazon.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Martial Hearts by Kelly McCrady

cover art by Nicola Martinez
Martial Hearts
Kelly McCrady
published by The Wild Rose Press, Sweetheart Rose Line
(My reading copy was purchased at The Wild Rose Press website)

In Kelly McCrady’s Martial Hearts April Martin is a student of the martial art Kenpo Karate, and in between her lessons, it seems she’s fallen for her instructor, the very cute and capable black belt Austin Li. She just can’t bring herself to tell him. What’s a girl to do when the fantasies of her instructor won’t quit kicking her in the gut? Dare she hope he's as interested in her as she is in him? Maybe a private lesson would sort things out, but is the shy little nurse April brazen enough to take the chance? What will Austin do when she’s got him pinned to the mat?

You know the drill. You’ll have to read to find out the answer to that, one. ;)

With a vividly drawn heroine who, though never shirking from a fight, has a palpable fear of rejection—and a hero I dare any gal not to take an interest in—Ms. McCrady’s Martial Hearts is an endearing little story. Part of Sweetheart Rose line for The Wild Rose Press, and a short little novella of thirty-five pages, I was a little partial to the storyline, given a personal connection to a Clearwater based Kenpo instructor ( ), but I think any fan of sweet romance, and maybe students of Kenpo Karate, might enjoy this one.

My rating?

If you’d like to, you can get this cute little story at The Wild Rose Press website, or for Kindle at, or the Barnes and Noble website for the Nook.

To learn more about Kelly McCrady see her website at:

(There's a slightly different version, as usual, up at the Examiner if you wouldn't mind giving it a click for me, here. Thank you! I appreciate it.)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Julia Rachel Barrett Guest today at new blog

Erotic romance author Julia Rachel Barrett is guesting on my writing blog today, with a giveaway. You can read her post here. Do drop by! :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Michael Moorcock's gilded, jaded age

cover art by Robert Gould
An Alien Heat
by Michael Moorcock
Ace Books/Harper Collins, depending on what version you can find.

(I purchased my copy a long time ago locally at the now-closed Just Books used bookstore in Tampa).

In Michael Moorcock’s 1972 futuristic novel, An Alien Heat, the Grand Master fantasy author introduced a vision of America at the end of history. Set a million or so years in the future, the story’s hero, Jherek Carnliean, and his people have become so complacent and decadent, caring only about their own comfort, that they have no interest when a traveler comes from the future to tell them their world is about to end. Indeed, Jherek is more interested in recreating the Victorian age, a past so distant, there are few extent records concerning the era. So when, alongside this traveler from the future, a young woman from the Victorian age enters the party—a Ms. Amelia Underwood, Jherek’s curiosity is piqued. He goes even further by telling his amused mother and friends that he intends to study this strange phenomena called love, by, you guessed it, wooing the lovely Ms. Amelia Underwood. However, Jherek has a rival who, just for fun, imprisons Ms. Amelia Underwood; Jherek takes up the scheme to save her, thinking she’ll be grateful and fall at his feet, as the few poems seem to indicate should happen.

Oh ho, not so my friends! Not by a long shot!

Despite Jherek’s best efforts, Amelia wants only to get home—to her husband. The chase lands Jherek in 19th century London, and in more trouble than he’s bargained for.

Unlike most of Moorcock’s Eternal Champion titles, An Alien Heat has an altogether different feel, and while it has moments of suspense, is really very funny in spots. Baroque and fantastic, and absurd, its neo-Victorian feel at least should appeal to Steampunk fans, even Douglas Adams fans might enjoy this.

Unfortunately, it has been out of print for quite a while, though White Wolf re-released it in a Dancers at the End of Time anthology in 1994. However, I don’t know, at this time, if it will be re-released, as Del Rey seems to be doing with the rest of the Eternal Champion novels thus far. One can only hope!

If you’d like to give this one a try, check online at or, which might have access to a used copy of An Alien Heat, either standalone or in the anthology. For the ebook fans, sorry to say, this one hasn’t been released in Kindle or Nook yet. if you can find a copy, though, as ever, it's no secret that I absolutely adore/worship Michael Moorcock's work, so yet again, I recommend recommend it, and recommend An Alien Heat.
;) So my rating should come as no shock:

No. Let's be honest. The hightest, biggest, best rating one can give a book in the whole world. ;) Told you I was a fangirl.

Disclaimer: If you care to know this, there are some explicit sexual scenes in this novel, so if that's not your thing, do be aware of it. But I can assure you, they don't overwhelm the story.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Author guest post today

Romance author Gabriella Hewitt is going to be guesting on my other blog today, with an interesting post concerning her new Paranormal Romance novella release for Samhain. A little teaser, there are Aztec Warriors involved.

You can find her post here:
Please do stop by!

(Oh, and if you haven't yet, please do subscribe to that blog. I talk about lots of things, of course, but methinks it's to become my official blog from here on out. Thnx).

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New story released

I just had a new story released, via the Scribing Ibis Anthology. :) The anthology's available at CreateSpace (here ), and should be released via Smashwords soon, but I don't have that link yet. All proceeds go to charity.

Anywho, I just had to share.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Indie author Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

Multi-award winning, horror/dark fantasy author and self-publishing trail-blazer, Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc is being featured on speaking about her latest Vampire novel. You can check the interview out here.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Q and A with Anna Small

Hi all, I hope you've had a good week. Sorry I haven't popped in here this week, but we've been having lots of storms here, lately, so I've not had much online time thanks to it *grumbles at mother nature*. But I've been reading, revising, and trying to catch up with things in between being sick and back pain (gripe gripe, I know) and gearing up for my next RWA chapter meeting. Meanwhile, I have a new book review which I hope to get written and posted next week. Meanwhile, I've posted a Q and A with romance author Anna Small, over at the Examiner. If you'd like to see it, it's here. :) Until later then, enjoy and have a great, sunny weekend.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sins of a Highland Devil

Forever/Grand Central Publishing
Sins of A Highland Devil
Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Published by Forever/Grand Central Publishing
my review copy came from the fine folks at Forever/Grand Central Publishing

In this first of USA Today’s best selling author Sue-Ellen Welfonder’s latest historical romance series for Grand Central Publishing, Sins of A Highland Devil, the author introduces a new historical series of Highlanders and ghosts.

The Cameron and MacDonald clans have been fighting over this particular Scottish Glen, the Glen of Many Legends, for centuries, but when one of their women dies, she gives the Glen to both families. Centuries later, the clans are still fighting over the land, and the king, King Robert III (descendent of the famous King Robert the Bruce of Braveheart fame) decides he’s had enough and orders the two clans to decide the question in a controlled battle. (If I’m not mistaken, Ms. Welfonder means this one.(maybe not? it’s a bit confusing.)

James Cameron (not the famed director of Aliens and Avatar) and Catriona MacDonald hate each other. With a passion. But when James sees a mysterious man setting out across the glen after Catriona on late night, James, follows her, and promises to escort her home. Catriona hates James Cameron but her feelings for him are a wee bit more complicated than that, evidenced by the sexy dreams she has about him afterward. The feeling seems to be mutual for James, but the two stubborn Highland enemies won’t speak up, even though Catriona shows up on James’s doorstep claiming she lost her dog and then, wheedling her way into spending the night. The inevitable happens between them, and yet, though Catriona gives in quite willingly, she still screams to high heaven that she hates James.

Furthermore, in James’ dining hall, Catriona sees a ghost that she comes to find out is known as the Doom of the Camerons, and James—actually having fallen in love with Catriona, really quite liking her brother who he’s slated to battle and possibly kill very soon—is worried sick about her.

Catriona won’t say it, but she is likewise worried about James Cameron’s safety in the coming battle. She loves him, but she hates him, but she loves him. Likewise it is with James. So, you see the dilemma.

So what happens in Sins? Well, you’ll find out. I must admit, beyond such movies as Braveheart and Highlander, I'm not a huge fan of Scottish set romances that seem to glut the historical romance genre (hello, there are other countries in Europe, folks!), but while Sue-Ellen Welfonder's prose wasn't as altogether incomprehensible as some I've tried to read, and apparently I was confused about her work when I requested it because I thought it was set in Ireland. So I thought it was bringing something a little different to the table. Nope. It's not. 
 This was the first of Sue-Ellen Welfonder’s* books I’ve ever read and I’m sorry to say, though I was quite intrigued by the ghost and the mystical, ancient “Makers of Dreams” James consults now and again, I didn’t come away from this book satisfied. *sigh*  I wanted to like it, I really did, but I’m sorry to say, too many things in it just got under my skin about this one. If you want to give it a shot it's availale at the usual outlets (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc) I might just be weird, and you might enjoy Sins of A Highland Devil more than I. If not, well, you might want to try one of Ms. Welfonder’s many other historically set, Scottish Highland romance titles. I might try one later, maybe the second book, that was just released July 26, or perhaps something the Mackenzie series, since one of its characters is inspired, she says, by (get ready for the aww.... factor) this adorable red fox.


Juli D. Revezzo has written the Victorian romance novel WATCHMAKER'S HEART. Check it out at Amazon.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Navigating a deadly landscape

cover art by Kim Mendoza
 Lilacs, Litigation, and Lethal Love Affairs
by JL Wilson
published by the Crimson Rose line of The Wild Rose Press
(my review copy was a personal purchase)

In romantic suspense author JL Wilson’s Lilacs, Litigation, and Legal Affairs, the first in the author's Deadly Landscaping series for Crimson Rose, Cassie Whittington, is making a new start for herself, as a divorcee, in a new home, going back to school, turning her interests to the landscaping business. While taking care of her school’s greenhouse, one afternoon witnesses a conversation between her boss Sam Barlow and his rival. Minutes later, that rival is dead. Then Cassie's boss shows up at his nursery, and Cassie jumps to the conclusion that Sam’s the killer and sics the police on him, who only clear him of the murder. Sam later visits Cassie at home, and explains his relationship with the dead man. Maybe he’s not such a bad guy after all?

There’s also a stalker on the loose, who has a penchant for breaking into women’s houses, via their stolen garage door openers.

To add to the fun, Cassie’s got her ex-husband Charlie Whittington to think about. Why doesn’t anyone understand ex’s can be friends? Why doesn’t Sam allow for the fact that she can (oops) fall for him, yet still stay close to Charlie? Then there’s the little trouble of vandalism at Sam’s greenhouses, and the bequest Cassie receives from Charlie’s grandmother. With the bequest, she won’t have to work for Sam anymore, so she could either, a) escalate her growing relationship with him or b) return to Charlie.

There’s a lot going on in this book, a bit too much, actually, and I kept expecting something that didn’t quite go the way I’d originally thought (I won’t spoil it by telling you what). But all in all, I found JL Wilson’s Lilacs, Litigation, and Legal Affairs interesting, she even added a comedic thread to the mayhem in the form of Cassie's ever-full spam email folder. So yes, I can say without a doubt I look forward to the follow-up volumes in the series. If you like Romantic Suspense (or, in my opinion this would probably fall more correctly into romantic mystery), you may want to check this one out. It was released this spring by The Crimson Rose line of The Wild Rose Press and can be purchased on the website here in paperback and ebook, or through Digi Books Café. It’s also available for Kindle and paperback via and for Nook and paperback at

My grade? I can give it a solid 4 3/4 pearls. pearls

Do check it out, romantic mystery readers. I think you'll enjoy Ms Wilson's novel. I did. :)

If you'd like to learn more about JL Wilson and her works, see her website at:

(Ed note: As ever, there's a slightly different version of this review up at the Examiner, if you would please be so kind as to give it a click here. Thanks!)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Scent of Shadows

Scent of Shadows
by Vicki Pettersson

my copy bought from local store.

In Vicki Pettersson’s first novel, Scent of Shadows, there are more things running around the Las Vegas strip than tourists, gamblers and the occasional prostitute, but Joanna Archer, a daughter of an absent mother, heir to her father’s vast, lucrative gambling dynasty, doesn’t pay any of them much attention. The crosshairs of her camera lens seek out the forlorn, the destitute, the criminal, in search of the one man who, years ago, attacked and left her for dead in the desert. But then, a blind date turns into a crazy horror flick, when her date reveals he’s some supernatural monster, and will kill her before her birthday, twenty-four hours hence. It’s not long after this that a bum jumps in front of her car, with some wild claim of star signs, and paranormal superhero troops, and that she’s some foretold future member destined to balance the zodiac and help them keep order in her hometown.

Well, what sane girl wouldn’t know what to believe, when faced with a claim like that?

Then Joanna’s sister Olivia is attacked and thrown to her death out her high rise apartment window, and Joanna has no choice but to think there might be a shred of truth in something the crazy bum said, and so she accepts his help, joins his little “Zodiac Troop 175”; but, as always, there’s a catch: and she must not only accept the bum’s help, his instruction, and in turn gain the trust of his suspicious, more seasoned colleagues, if they are ever going to defeat their dark equivalents, she must put aside her regrets, things she fiercely wishes to hold, even her fondest passions, and face her horrid past, her father, and what’s darkest in herself.

I found Pettersson’s novel a breath of fresh air, in the urban fantasy landscape; where most of the story is a bit dark, there’s also . . . I don’t know how to put it than to say that it seemed a bit of tongue in cheek, playful, if you will. I mean, come on, really; what little girl didn’t grow up wanting to be Wonder Woman?  Joanna Archer is a kick ass heroine that stands up nicely next to these icons, I think; and one everyone will love. Sure it’s a few years old by now, but do check out, Scent of Shadows. I’m sure you’ll be pleased you did so!

If you'd like a copy it's available at Amazon, b& and local Barnes and Noble stores, of course.

For more info: Vicki Pettersson's official site

Vicki Pettersson on twitter


Waiting on Wednesday (1)

(This is a meme by Jill at Breaking the Spine)

There's always something interesting coming out in the bookstores, and the online retailers, right? Here's a few I'm looking forward to this week:

Kathy Lane's Linked by Blood (the second in her SFR Bloodsworn series), from The Wild Rose Press.

Julie Leto's new Blaze, Too Wild To Hold. (August 23)

Fantasy author Melanie Card's Ward Against Death (August)

Caitlín R. Kiernan’s  Two Worlds and In Between (coming September from Subterranean Press)

Romance author Rosalie Lario's Blood of the Demon (Augst)

Mystery author Lisa Unger's Darkness My Old Friend, due August 9

And doesn't it seem a slow season since these are all I could find? Enjoy.....

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kissing Kelli, a cute and sweet Texas romance by Kathy Carmichael

cover art by Kathy Carmichael
Kissing Kelli
Kathy Carmichael
(my review copy provided by the author. *waves* Thanks, Kathy!)

In romantic comedy author Kathy Carmichael’s newly repackaged and published novel Kissing Kelli, she continues her Texas Legacy romantic comedy series, by relating the story of Dr. Kelli Palmer and rodeo star Bobby Gray who meet on Independence day and fall head over heels in love. However, Kelli won’t reveal her feelings to Bobby Gray because her sister Laurie told her to stay away from him, because he’s hers!

But Bobby Gray has no idea of this mandate and is desperate to make Kelli accept him. He goes out of his way to bring injured animals to her, spending loads of the family money, and ticking off his brother Monty Joe in the process. However, Monty Joe wants Kelli’s input on something himself. She’s a princess, you see, as well as a veterinarian and there’s a particular royals-obsessed banker Monty Joe needs to impress. It’s up to Bobby to convince her to attend the dinner with said-banker. Maybe it could even double as their first date.

Does it go well? You’ll have to pick up a copy of Kathy Carmichael’s Kissing Kelli for yourself to find out the answer to that. Another sweet and funny offering from author Kathy Carmichael, and her latest foray into self-publishing for Kindle, one I think you can’t go wrong with. If you’d like to check it out, Kissing Kelli is available for Kindle at, and in paperback.You can also find other ereader formats at Smashwords. Do give it a look. I think fans of sweet and funny romances will enjoy it.

My rating?

As ever, there's a slightly different version of this review over at the Examiner. Pretty please, would you give it a click here? (Thanks to Kathy Carmichael for providing my reading copy)

L.A. Banks

Word is, Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy author L.A. Banks passed away this morning. Poor thing. :( RIP.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My stranger than fiction weekend. :)

 I just thought I'd share my freaky Saturday:

Tell me you don't see a plot in this???? Go ahead, laugh. We sure are (now!)

A little steamy sorcery by Cindy Spencer Pape

Steam & Sorcery
Gaslight Chronicles book one
by Cindy Spencer Pape
published by Carina Press
my review copy was provided by Carina Press, via NetGalley

Romance author Cindy Spencer Pape’s most recent novel for Carina Press is her first foray into the Steampunk genre. Entitled Steam & Sorcery, the novel tells the tale of Merrick Hadrian, a member of the secret Knights of the Order of the Round Table, whose duty it is to rid London of a drooling pack of vicious vampires. In so doing, he finds himself battling the monsters in the factory district, in dead of night. When he’s backed into a corner, all hope seemingly lost, a gang of rowdy street children come to his defense and helps him finish off the nasty attackers.

In exchange for their help, Merrick helps them rescue their kidnapped sister, and takes the five children into his household while he tries to sort out the truth of the mess in the factory district. He wants to care for them, especially since young Tommy seems destined to join the Order. But to truly deal with the motley bunch, he’ll need to find a governess, and fast.

Enter Miss Caroline Bristol.

Caroline’s a little bit of a liability to the households in which she’s previously been governess. Every time she gets close to anything mechanical, it breaks down on the spot! If that weren’t enough, all her male employers, despite being married, can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves. Which she finds intolerable, to say the least.

So, when the opportunity comes along to hire on to Merrick’s gentile household, Caroline jumps at the chance, and she falls instantly in love—with the children. Giving them into her care, Merrick’s free to deal with more important issues: the fact that bits and pieces of the original Babbage engines are coming up lost, the rumor going around that vampires are finding ways to blend into society, and finding out what exactly is it about Caroline that causes her such problems around machines, and men.

As time progresses, Merrick and Caroline can’t keep their eyes—or hands—off one another. And that is definitely a no-no. On the other hand, it turns out Caroline too can hold her own against the vampires and it may just take their combined wits and skills to fend off the evil when it comes calling. So, maybe there is something to be said for making their little family group permanent after all?

All in all, I think Steam & Sorcery is a nice blend of fantasy, myth, a sprinkle of dark fantasy elements, and gadgets and should please both lovers of Steampunk, Gaslamp fantasy, and of course, steamy romance. So I give it.

If you’d like to check it out, alas it’s only in ebook, so not available offline. But you can get the ebook at Carina Press’ website here. it's also available as an audio book from Ms. Pape has also released a free, novella-length follow-up to this that continues the tales of the Knights of the Order of the Round Table, also available at Carina Press here.

If you'd like to learn more about Cindy Spencer Pape and the Gaslight Chronicles, see her website here:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Steampunk author's giveaway

Soon to be debut Steampunk author Suzanne Lazear is giving away some cute little buttons and a pretty necklace on her blog. Go here to see the details.

Local author book signing--Nook signing.

If you're in Tampa July 22, 7:00-8:30 PM Horror/Sinsteria writer Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc is having an "vampire themed" event in honor of the release of her upcoming collection of vampire lore, Dante's Diary at the Barnes and Noble in Carrollwood. She tells me she's doing a "Nook" signing. So if you have a Nook and love horror, vampires and other such fiendish fun. ;) Mark your calendars to be there on July 22. The store is located on 11802 N. Dale Mabry Highway, Carrollwood Village, FL. call them at  813-962-6446 for details.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Zombies and rollerskates ;)

 Quite a mix, huh?

Okay, it does make sense trust me. Author Bella Street's new Zombie Apocalypse PNR, Apocalypse Babes, so I hear contains both, and doesn't that sound like some George Romero-ish fun? ;) Anyway, Ms. Street is running a contest on her blog in support of her new Zombie PNR. Go here to check it out.
(her books are available at Smashwords)

addendum to What are you reading Monday

I keep forgetting to add this here (my apologies), but I am also working my way through Kathy Carmichael's Kissing Kelli, a sweet romantic comedy ebook that Kathy's recently self-published on Kindle and has been getting rave reviews of. I hope to have that finished up and reviewed for you sometime soon too.

Her new book in the series, Stuck on You, just came out in May.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Highland Romances ebooks from Sourcebooks

Once again, I am late on this. But the dates still stand. If you'd like to pick some up, Sourcebooks is having a sale on Men in Kilts romances.

Men in Kilts – eBooks for $0.99! (7/12/2011 – 7/18/2011)

Awaken the Highland Warrior by Anita Clenney
A man from another time…

Faelan is from an ancient clan of Scottish Highland warriors, charged with shielding humanity from demonic forces. Betrayed and locked in a time vault, he has been sleeping for nearly two centuries when spunky historian Bree Kirkland inadvertently wakes him. She’s more fearsome than the demon trying to kill him, and if he’s not careful, she’ll uncover the secrets his clan has bled and died to protect…

Could be the treasure she’s been seeking all her life…

When Bree inherits an old treasure map, she discovers a warrior buried in her backyard. But the warrior isn’t dead. Bree shocks Faelan with her modern dress and her boldness, and he infuriates Bree every time he tries to protect her.

With demons suddenly on the move, Bree discovers that Faelan’s duty as protector is in his blood, and that her part in this fight was destined before she was born. But nothing is ever what it seems… For Kindle at Amazon here.

Highland Hellcat by Mary Wine
He wants a wife he can control…

Connor Lindsey is a Highland laird, but his clan’s loyalty is hard won and he takes nothing for granted. He’ll do whatever it takes to find a virtuous wife, even if he has to kidnap her…

She has a spirit that can’t be tamed…

Brina Chattan has always defied convention. She sees no reason to be docile now that she’s been captured by a powerful laird and taken to his storm-tossed castle in the Highlands, far from her home.

When a rival laird’s interference nearly tears them apart, Connor discovers that a woman with a wild streak suits him much better than he’d ever imagined… For Kindle on Amazon here.

The Highlander’s Sword by Amanda Forester
A quiet, flame-haired beauty with secrets of her own…
Lady Aila Graham is destined for the convent, until her brother’s death leaves her an heiress. Soon she is caught between hastily arranged marriage with a Highland warrior, the Abbot’s insistence that she take her vows, the Scottish Laird who kidnaps her, and the traitor from within who betrays them all.

She’s nothing he expected and everything he really needs…
Padyn MacLaren, a battled-hardened knight, returns home to the Highlands after years of fighting the English in France. MacLaren bears the physical scars of battle, but it is the deeper wounds of betrayal that have rocked his faith. Arriving with only a band of war-weary knights, MacLaren finds his land pillaged and his clan scattered. Determined to restore his clan, he sees Aila’s fortune as the answer to his problems…but maybe it’s the woman herself. For Kindle on Amazon here.

Wild Highland Magic by Kendra Leigh Castle
She's a Scottish Highlands werewolf, but no one's ever shown her how to use her powers…

Growing up in America with a father who hates his own nature, Catrionna MacInnes has always tried desperately to control her powers and pretend to be normal. Now her father has brought her and her sisters to Scotland to reunite with the pack they fled years ago…

He's a wizard prince with a devastating secret…

Bastian an Morgaine has found sanctuary among the MacInnes werewolf clan but no relief from the soul-searing curse that haunts him. The minute Cat lays eyes on Bastian, she knows she's met her destiny. In their first encounter, she unwittingly binds him to her for life, and now they're both targets for the evil enemies that are out to destroy their very souls…
For Kindle at Amazon here.

Highland Rebel by Judith James Amidst the upheaval of Cromwell's Britain, Jamie Sinclair's wit and military prowess have served him well. Leading a troop in Scotland, he impetuously marries a captured maiden, saving her from a grim fate.

A Highlands heiress to title and fortune, Catherine Drummond is not the woman Jamie believes her to be. When her people effect her rescue, and he cannot annul the marriage, Jamie goes to recapture his hellcat of a new wife...

In a world where family and creed cannot be trusted, where faith fuels intolerance and war, Catherine and Jamie test the bounds of loyalty, friendship, and trust...
For Kindle at Amazon here.

So...that's what they're offering. If you feel up to it, do check them out.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Debra Glass YA debut is haunting.

Read in 2011.
by Debra Glass

(My review copy came from Ms. Glass herself. Thank you, Debra!)

In Debra Glass’ YA debut Eternal, Seventeen-year old Wren has had a hard last few years. Involved in a car wreck that killed her best friend Kira, Wren nearly died. Well, okay, she did, for a few minutes, and when she awoke, it was to find she had the ability to see the dead. She also had a really ugly scar that makes her the pariah of the school. So her parents do the only thing they can to help: they uproot the family, and move to Columbia, Tennesee, purchasing the spacious Polk House (AKA Ransom’s Run)—the one that Crazy old lady Polk died in.

Little does Wren know the house is haunted, by the ghost of Jeremiah Ransom, who as a young man joined up with the Confederate army during the war, only to come home wounded, and die, in Wren’s own bedroom. Well, okay, at the time, it was his bedroom. Are they destined for each other? hmmmm.....

Wren’s already got enough to worry about, what with starting a new school, and trying to fit and make friends, and dodge the creepy Goth chick that seems after her. But she can’t ignore the fact that she has fallen for Jerimiah, despite the unfortunate fact that he’s a ghost. How is she to cope? Will she end up like crazy ole Ms. Polk, or will be able to snap out of it, do the right thing, and send Jeremiah where he belongs. Or will creepy ole Briar force the decision upon her, and harm her in the process? You’ll have to read to find out.

I enjoyed this very much, and in fact, was in tears in several places. That's usually a good sign, in my book. :)I'm a fan so I'd give everything she does 5 stars... and for her first YA effort this too deserves them, I think. :) I must say I couldn't figure out how it was going to end, and there's a neat little twist in the epilogue I wasn't expecting, which gives a hint for a possible sequel? Maybe....maybe.

Debra's spent years involved with the Shoals Ghost Walk in Florence, Alabama, so she knows a thing or two about ghosts, and that research shows well in Haunted.

Best known for her steamy romances Debra branched out into teen fiction with Haunted and the result is charming. Ms. Glass weaves a poignant tale of teen love, with all the earmarks one comes to expect from her works—lots of cool tidbits about the Civil War are threaded herein. But don’t tell the kids that. ;) I think fans of Supernatural and Meg Cabot’s Mediator series will thoroughly enjoy Haunted. If you'd like to check it out, you can find it at the following venues:

Trade Paperback

Digital Ebook

Smashwords | ARE | Amazon | B&N | OmniLit

Want to know more about the story behind Jeremiah Ransom? Check out Debra’s essay on her site.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WW28: Haunted

First you grab our Wicked Wednesday pic.
Then you grab a book. Turn to page 28. Take the first sentence. And then you post it in your site with a link back to WW28.
Come back to Cherry Mischievous - WW28 and give us the url of your post (in a comment at a WW28 post) so that other WW28 readers can find your WW28 offering.

I'm going to do something slightly different here and, since this particular page from author Debra Glass' recent YA release is a short page, I'm going to excerpt the whole thing for you.

Eternal by Debra Glass, YA Paranormal Romance
Eternal by Debra Glass

Pg. 28

I froze.
And then gasped as a flash of bushy-tailed, black fur fled out the
door and past me. “Mr. Stella!” I cried, relieved. I blew out the breath I had
been holding. My cat had finally made up his mind to come out from under
the book case.
After my pulse returned to normal, I gripped the toggle knob,
determined to close the door again but decided instead to leave it as I had
found it.
Slightly open.
A tingle swept through me. While I wasn’t ready to explore my ghost’s world yet, I wasn’t totally opposed to him visiting my world again.

Okay, not naughty, but....shiver inducing, right? :) I'll have a fuller review of this one up soonish but for now, if you'd like to see more, you can check out Debra's Eternal site here: and if you'd like to, you can pick up the in print  and ebook Amazon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lorelei Confer guest spot

No, not here, actually but my friend, Romantic Suspense author, Lorelei Confer is doing a guest spot today over at Jillian Chantal's blog. You can find it here. Leave her a comment for a chance to win a copy of her book. :) Good luck!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Guest Post: Rosalie Lario

Sorry for this last minute change folks, but Blogger's been giving me trouble. Therefore, I've moved this post over to my Wordpress blog. You can find Rosalie's guest post there now. At:
I apologize for this. Please do mosey over there to read her post about Heroes we love.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

For Love of an Angel by Rosalie Lario

Since Rosalie is due to visit our blog next Monday, I thought you might like a little taste of her work. Here's my take on her debut novella.

cover art by Brittany Smith
For Love of An Angel
by Rosalie Lario
Ebook available at various ebook outlets.
Review copy sent to me by the author. Thanks, Rosalie!

In Rosalie Lario’s new Paranormal Romance novella For Love of An Angel, the heroine, Eva Smyth lives in a New York, in a world where thirty years ago, a veil fell between the real and spiritual realms, and the Angels came. But the result was not like anyone on Earth might have expected. These Angels didn’t come to save humans, they enslaved them, instead, making everything one does in life, subject to their twisted Consortium rules. Her life, her home, her job and her future relationships, are all subject to their whims.

But there are some angels who resist this and would help the humans throw off this dictatorship. They are considered Fallen, outcast, and hunted by the Consortium. To consort with a Fallen means death. Michael is one such Fallen Angel, and when he appears in Eva’s living room claiming that she’s fated to be his mate…well, to say she’s surprised is an understatement. But, despite the danger, there’s something about Michael that Eva can’t resist. Could she really find love with a Fallen? And why is he so attracted to her, a measly little human, anyway? Could there be more to her than meets the eye?

In For Love of An Angel Rosalie Lario creates a unique world for Eva and her angelic lover, a dark dystopia, and an offer a girl would be a fool to pass up. The love between Eva and Michael will be tempting enough even for Paranormal Romance fans, while the heat these two generate together will please readers who prefer steamier stories. My grade?

For Love of An Angel makes for a very well done, compelling, and interesting read. Looking forward to book two! If you’d like to check this story out, it’s available on Kindle, at Amazon, on the Barnes and Noble’s Nook, and for other e-formats via Smashwords.

(this review's also posted at the Examiner, here, if you'd be so kind as to give it a click for me. :) Thanks!)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Contest alert

Debut Romance author Amie Louellen , author of the soon to be released, BRODIE'S BRIDE (it's available in paperback now, and is coming to ebook June 24 from The Wild Rose Press) , is having a contest on her blog--she's giving away a book, a bookbag, book mark, and a $50 gift certificate to Bath & Bodyworks. Go here for details:

Here is the buy link for BRODIE'S BRIDE, if you'd like to take a peek at her book.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Self-publishing with Rosalie Lario

And also, if you're interested, over on my wordpress blog (this is mostly for the writers here) I put up a little ponderance on the subject of Self-publishing, musing on the interesting observations author Rosalie Lario has talked about on her blog.

And don't forget, Rosalie will be here on June 20th. :) We are looking forward to bringing her post to you, now that the hand's finally healed. *sheepish grin*

Shelia, I hope you feel better soon!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Taking a chance on Anna Small's newest romance

cover art by Jinger Heaston
Taking a Chance on Forever
by Anna Small
published by Bookstrand
(my review copy came via the author)
In romance author Anna Small’s latest novel, a contemporary romance novel entitled Taking A Chance on Forever, she tells of two college sweethearts who missed out on true love. Kate Thorne chased her dream to France, to pursue an artistic career while her boyfriend Dan Reynolds stayed behind in the states to tackle a business career. Along the way, Dan's become a CEO of a software company and Kate a buyer for a ritzy San Francisco art gallery, they both had children with others... And now, lo and behold, Dan’s son is marrying Kate’s daughter.

What are the odds, Kate wonders, and can she really face Dan after all these years? Can they do so without dredging up the past? And if they do dredge up the past, is Kate opening herself up to heartbreak? Maybe she should just skip out on the wedding. But nature seems to have other plans, and she and Dan will be forced to face each other--and spend a stormy night alone in a dark house. Well, at least it's a good opportunity to clear the air between them before the wedding, and he is widowed. But what’ll happen when they do?And what about that perky young  fiancée  of his?

You’ll have to read to find out.

It’s no secret I enjoyed Anna Small’s first novel, (the historical romance To Tame the Wild Wind released via The Wild Rose Press) and yes we are friends. But you know I never recommend something I don't personally love. This novel, though a little different from the first, true, stands up just as well. Truth to tell, I loved it. It had me in tears for roughly half the book--in a good way. I just felt so bad for these characters, and couldn't figure out how it was going to end happily. That’s not to say it’s missing the obligatory HEA, romance fans, it’s there. You’ll see. :) So yes, again,

If you’d like to check Taking A Chance on Forever out it is available in ebook, and paperback via Siren-Bookstrand here, and also in paperback at Amazon, here, and in paperback and Nook versions at

Oh, and she has posted an outtake from the story on her blog here, if you’d like to check it out. ;) An epilogue is coming soon too.  Or you can find out more about her and her works on her website here.

(And if you have time, there's a slightly different version of this review over at the examiner. if you'd like to give that a click for me, please do so here.)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hi all. I just wanted to pop in here and relay a couple things. I had a little household accident this weekend (think broken glass and lots of blood) which resulted in stitches and lots of gauze bandages on my hand, so typing is tough right now. I'm one-handed. So not fun! Once i get the stitches out, doctor's orders willing, i hope to be able to post revies again. i'm sure they'll be piling up. In the pipeline: Anna Small's Taking a Chance on Forever (let me just say i loved it!), possibly chamber of secrets (gdoes that really need more introduction?), &maybe depending on where they stand a few others. Holding the e-reader--noy so easy. I'll get to them asap. sorry about this.

In the meantime booklovers inc. is hosting vicki pettersson, w/ a giveaway, here and suzanne @ preternatura is doing her new release giveawy w/ some nifty titles to choose from, here. Special congrats to fellow TARA gal Terri Garey on here new release!

Thank you for bearing with this unexpected hiatus. the mummy refuses to take over for me--bastard that he is. ;)

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