Monday, November 8, 2010

Terry Odell's Nowhere to hide.

cover art by Rae Monet

Nowhere to Hide
by Terry Odell
publisher: Crimson Rose, The Wild Rose Press
review copy provided by the fine folks at The Wild Rose Press

In Terry Odell’s latest novel Nowhere to Hide, introduces Colleen McDonald an ex-policewoman, escaping horrid memories of a Domestic dispute case gone terribly wrong, costing the life of her partner and leaving her with a bad case of nerves, and post traumatic stress disorder. Settling in Orlando, Florida, hoping to start a new life, until she finds out the police are looking for her landlady son, Jeffrey.

And, gee, then there’s cute Deputy Graham Harrigan. Vying for a place in the CiD (Criminal Investigations Department, I think), this case isn’t exactly in Graham’s purview, but he just can’t seem to keep away from the pretty Colleen. Luckily, it doesn’t seem he can solve the case without her help. The only clue Graham has to Jeffrey’s disappearance is his slightly demented mother’s word, and some paperwork tying him into a failed land development deal.

Then the elderly landlady suffers an accidental overdose, someone breaks into Colleen’s apartment, and seem to be similarly treating the landlady’s computer. Yet still there’s no word from Jeffrey.

Though it’s Graham’s job to solve this case, and Colleen is just trying to start a new life as something other than a cop, the case keeps throwing them together, each finding and trading valuable tidbits that they hope will help find the missing Jeffrey, before whatever, and whomever, he’s involved with decide to takes Doris, and possibly Colleen as well, out for good. Personally one of my favorite parts of the story was Ms. Odell's weaving of  the noise of Universal Theme Parks in there, personally, having once had a year's pass there, I can tell you, just visitng is loud! Poor Colleen. Now I can fully imagine what the poor residents nearby felt when went on all those rides over and over! (*giggles maniacally*)

Nowhere to Hide is the latest novel Orlando-based romance author Terry Odell penned for The Wild Rose Press (who provided this review copy for me). and yes, Nowhere to Hide is a standalone novel, so if you’ve never read Ms. Odell’s work before, it might be a good place to start. Beyond the thrill of....well, the theme park realism mentioned above, the mystery, and the all-important romantic threads woven into Nowhere to Hide are well-rounded, and should please fans of the genre. If you’d like to check it out it’s part of the Crimson Rose line at The Wild Rose Press, and available in e-book format or paperback format from their website here, or from Digi Books Cafe here.

My grade for this one?

If you'd like to find out more about Terry Odell and her fine stories, see her website at:

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