A little help for Aspiring Writers

I Want to Be An Author: Now What?
by Kimberly Llewellyn
cover art: Tara Kearney
review copy provided by Kimberly Llewellyn

The task of the new writer can sometimes seem daunting. So many things to accomplish and think about: first one must decide what he or she wishes to write about, what genre they wish to write in—literary, science fiction, fantasy, romance, mystery? Historical novels maybe? Then the writer should—must—learn his or her craft. After that, when the writer has produced a work he or she can be proud to call theirs (not as easy as non-writers might think!) the job’s not finished as the budding author now must wonder what to do with that finished product. There’s proper manuscript format to worry about, crafting a proper query letter, finding just the right agent and/or publishing house to submit your baby to.

So much to think about, how do successful authors go about all this? Well, Tampa based Romance author Kimberly Llwellyn has produced a little guide to help the budding author sift through all this. Titled I Want to Be An Author: Now What? her newest little work offers a primer on how to get into print, with advice for every aspect of the journey from sitting one’s butt in the chair and getting that novel written, to tips on revision, and query letter writing, as well as where to look to find the most respected national writing groups (like the Romance Writers of America, or the Mystery Writers of America), to suggestions how to determine your genre, to the ever-pesky “Mistakes” committed by novice writers and how to spot and avoid them, to other more intermediate subjects such as how to interpret a rejection letter—or a revision letter, and what it all means.

Sure there are a lot of writers guides to choose from, from various magazines like Writers’ Market and Writers’ Digest, to how-to books written by authors, agents and writing teachers of many kinds, covering any genre you can dream up. But Kimberly’s has the bonus that the author has worked on both sides of the writing front lines, in publishing houses and as a published author herself. Her perspective may help you, if you’re just sticking your toes in the writing pond.

My rating for this one? Well,

If you’d like to take a look and see how her advice might help you in your road to publication, you can find a copy of Kimberly Llewellyn’s I Want to Be an Author: Now What? at any local Barnes and Noble or Borders, and if not, you can ask them to order it for you. Or you can get a copy at Amazon. Enjoy and good luck on your journey!