Kathy Lane debuts a romance that's out of this world

Bloodsworn: Bound by Magic
by Kathy Lane
published by Faery Rose/The Wild Rose Press
cover art by Tamra Westberry
review copy sent to me by the author.

Tampa romance author Kathy Lane’s debut novel, a Science Fiction Romance novel titled Bloodsworn: Bound By Magic*, introduces Avera St. John, a research scientist with a violent past, who finds herself the recipient of strange gifts from a secret admirer. Then a new tenant moves in across the hall from her, one Devlin Kel, an investment banker, and she’s smitten with him, sure he’s the one sending her the gifts (the most interesting of which is a glowing ball she takes for a nightlight).

Turns out she’s partially right—about the gifts anyway. Devlin Kel-Tragar is actually a prince from another world, where magic, and magic wielders are normal. So why did he come to Earth? Well, because of Avera, who is his prophesied bride, and more, his Starmate (that is, soulmate).

But she believes in nothing that she can’t quantify scientifically, magic other worlds, and instantaneous intergalactic travel, are not in that category. Men that show up trying to kill her, on the other hand, and are an entirely different matter.

But how can she trust Devlin, when he’s done all the wrong things to gain her attention? And leaves her clueless so that she ends up with her own Bloodsworn warrior when she was only trying to render a little first aid?

Can they ever stop bickering and get down to the business of falling in love? You’ll have to read to find out.

Weighing in at over 370 ebook pages, it’s quite a hefty tome, and while it is 99% science fiction and romance, at times, it does tend to add in other elements that make it almost feel a little like a slipstream novel. But all in all, it was very good. So my rating?

If you’d like to try Ms. Kathy Lane’s intriguing debut into the SFR field, Bloodsworn: Bound By Magic, (which has only just been released--or technically tomorrow), you can find this Faery Rose release in ebook or softback version, at The Wild Rose Press website.
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