Blog hop September 19

Book Blogger Hop

The weekly blog hop. The question of the week concerned our favorite book blogs. Let's see, for me, that's easy. Just take a look at all the one's I follow! :) There's Abigail's lovely All Things Urban Fantasy, Jessica's cozy little rabbit hole, Jessica Rabbit's Corner, there's Sweet Vernal Zephyr's little playroom with all her sexy bartenders wandering her library, you know it's a repeat visit, and Eleni's fine Le Femme Readers, which always leaves one with, if not a good new title for the TBR lists, something to think about, or a smile, and Marissa's Sizzling Hot Book Reviews always has something interesting to read. :). And Dragons, Heroes and Wizards.  Heck, there are so many I love, and not enough space for you all. Thank you for all you do!

A few new one's I've found interesting this week are as follows: Reading Without Restraint and Splash of our Worlds, and The Cozy Reader.