Quick pre-storm update

I've been very lax in my updates this week. My bad. All I can say is I've been very busy, and not feeling 100% this week.  But a quick update before the storms show up:

1) Posted a new "New Releases" article at the Examiner. (If you have a chance to peek at it)

2) Finished Anna Small's Tame the Wild Wind, (writing up the review as we speak)

3) read more of Ann Jacobs ebook Hot In The Clutch; read more of Cara Elliott's To Surrender to a Rogue.

4) ordered Carolyn Crane's Mind Games

5) Sent latest writing project off to my beta readers. :)

Oh, and I just heard (waiting on Wednesday like) that Cherie Priest has written a  second book in her Boneshaker series, Dreadnought. Woot!
And....here comes the storm, so....Have a great night, all!