A new world of love and dragons

Breath of Fire
by Tammy Kane
Publisher: Dorchester Love Spell
My review copy was sent to me by Love Spell.

In Tammy Kane's debut novel, Breath of Fire, Ms. Kane introduces Elera, a beautiful, courageous rider of most temperamental, and male, dragon, and Karl, whose sheltered schooling among the scholarly Mattaen, doesn’t quite prepare him for what happens when he volunteers himself for a virgin sacrifice, in place of a young woman. Surely dragons don’t exist, he believes....Turns out, he's quite wrong!

I have to admit, I won her Summer contest. :) Yes, that was me. But that's not the only reason I fell for this novel. There's dragons! :) (And as I look through the bookstores these days, I am seeing more dragons, and that's a good thing! :)) And so I fell for them...And Elera, and Karl.  I think Tammy Kane's Breath of Fire is just, all-around, an awesome newish (released last September) fantasy romance novel. Its society of dragonriders, the ancient hatred between them and the Maetten, the love of two of their citizens/followers, Karl and Elera, the switching of the classic tale of the virgin sacrifice, all created a fabulous story that I can't wait to see more of. The world is fantastically drawn and rivals anything once produced in the *cough* fantasy genres. The romance is hot and sweet, and I think anyone who loves C.L. Wilson's work  will adore Tammy Kane's too. :) I have to say, I am fangirlishly one of them! :)

My rating? No surprise here:

I have a fuller review up at The Examiner if you'd like to see it.  And you can get a copy of it at Barnes and Noble, or Borders (check the Romance shelves), or at online shops like Amazon (or from my Amazon shop, or barnesandnoble.com, or the Dorchester site itself.

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