Melissa Marr's Fragile Eternity

Fragile Eternity
by Melissa Marr
Book Three in the Wicked Lovely Series
(my review copy was borrowed from a friend's personal library)

I finally finished this one, and so thought I'd share my review with you.

Fragile Eternity is the second volume in Melissa Marr’s best selling, very popular Wicked Lovely Young Adult fantasy series. The story concerns Aislinn’s continuing adjustment to being once-mortal, now Faery, and Summer Queen to Keenan, the Summer king. But trouble’s brewing as the Dark Faery Bananach insists on war, between the Summer Courts, the Winter Courts, and the Dark Court of which she is a part. Meanwhile, human Seth is still trying to come to grips with his love for Aislinn, and having to share her with Keenan, who wishes to have more than just a professional relationship with Aislinn, for the good of the faery of the Summer Court.

Despite Aislinn’s best efforts, and despite the warnings of his friend, the Dark King, Niall, Seth and Aislinn can’t seem to get over the fact that all Aislinn’s human friends and family are destined, as mortals, to die. And for Seth, the truth of being a mortal means one more thing: that when he’s gone, Keenan will finally have Aislinn the way he wishes.

Rumor has it, though that there is a way for Seth to bypass all this. And as the Summer and Winter Courts bickering becomes more and more intense, as summer waxes and wanes, being the good, worried sister of the Dark King that she is, Bananach takes her advantage and tells Seth exactly how he can do that. Stupid human that he is, he listens.

Will Seth get what he wants? Will Keenan? Or Bananach and Niall? What will happen as war looms? You’ll have to read to find out.

So, what did I think of it? I loved it. Well, it’s hard to believe Seth and Aislinn are only sixteen, for one (except for in certain instances that fact’s easy to forget); I think the world is entirely unique, the fairies are, as well, and the novel was very well written. I personally liked the Dark Court; Aislinn did have problems with being a fae, and I had to wonder, how could being a faery be bad? Read the book. You’ll see. ;)

However, I’ll warn you, Fragile Eternity seems to continue its plot from where Wicked Lovely left off, and really seems to rely on knowledge of that first book. So it was a little confusing at first. I had to go out and find a copy of Wicked Lovely and read a little of it, to figure out what was going on. If that’s not enough, it was harder to find, new and used, it seems. If you can find a copy, at any Borders or Barnes and Noble, you should be able to get it in their YA section, if they don’t have it, it’s so new, they can probably order it for you with no trouble. But I did have some trouble--heck, I couldn't even get it out of the library. In the end, I had to borrow this one from a good friend in order to read it, (and you know who you are and thanks for the trip to the post office for my little reading obsessions!). Yes, it’s that popular. If all else fails, there’s always Amazon. Wherever you get your copy, if you’re a fan of fantasy, faeries, urban fantasy, strange new worlds do check it out.

my grade for this one?

And I have posted this review here on the Examiner, if you care to give it a hit.

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