Meg Cabot does it again. :)

Size 12 Is Not Fat
by Meg Cabot
Copy came from: some bookstore around town (I've had it so long, I forget which)

Since I've been a fan of hers for several years, I guess it's no surprise that I'd review yet another of Meg Cabot's novels. So when my hubby and I were out and about...uh,...a year ago(?) and ran across this, I couldn't pass it up. And we read it, together, over the course of,...however long we've had it. And even he was tickled by the antics of its main characters Heather and Cooper. :) (Boys, take note: Ms. Cabot isn't just for girls!)

Size 12 Is Not Fat is the first in Meg Cabot's Heather Wells mystery series, released in 2006, and introduces us to late-20-something ex-teen pop star, Heather Wells. Heather is living life as the assistant director of a New York College dorm--I mean, residence hall--coming to grips with lost fame, and a series of betrayals, and spending her days assisting students, while also taking care of the books for her roommate (and her ex-boyfriend’s brother)—detective Cooper Cartwright—who, incidentally, Heather has a mad crush on; but he only dates brainy types. (Or does he? She can hope, can’t she?).

When first one New York College female student, then a second, dies in “elevator surfing”, Heather’s active imagination goes into overdrive. Certainly girls don’t elevator surf, so what’s the next logical explanation? Heather, turning amateur sleuth, is convinced they’ve been murdered. The problem is, she’s unable to convince anyone of her theory—Cooper doesn’t even believe her, which really grates, since she considers him to be her Mr. Right. And could it be that the college president’s son is tied up in all this?

When the threats start turning Heather’s way, and Cooper has no choice but to help her investigation—if he wants to keep her alive. What do they find out? And can Heather escape a maniac? You'll have to read this one to find out!

My verdict? As usual, with any Meg Cabot, I loved it. Yep. This is another fun read, with some shocking surprises (I won’t reveal what). If you’d like to try Size 12 is Not Fat, you can find it at any local Borders or Barnes and Noble (where they’re most likely shelved in the literature section as opposed to the YA section). Of course you can also get a copy online at Amazon, Borders’ website and Barnes and Noble’s website. So if you like humor, mystery, and pop culture mayhem, do check out Size 12 is Not Fat. I think you will enjoy it!

Both hubby and I loved it, so if  we were to grade it, well, yeah:

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