Karen Rose's new novel, Silent Scream

Silent Scream
by Karen Rose
My review copy provided by Grand Central Publishing.
To be released May 25.
Available at local stores, and through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Borders online stores, and so forth....

In Tampa romance author Karen Rose’s new novel, Silent Scream, we find ourselves once again in the middle of the world of her Eve Wilson Novels. This time, the story takes place through the eyes of firefighter David Hunter and Homicide detective Olivia Sutherland. Fires are being set all over town, with earmarks of a long-ago rash of arsons set by a radical environmental group. When a young deaf girl dies in this latest set of fires, and the only ties to the fires suddenly start dropping like flies, Olivia and David search for the answers, while trying to sort through the wreckage caused by their one night stand several years ago, at Olivia’s sister Mia’s wedding. When Olivia can't let go of his minute mistake, how is the lovesick David ever going to gain her trust?

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