Friday 56

Based on the meme begun by Storytime with Tonya and friends.  This week, boy this was a toughy. As you know, I read about three or four books at once, in my various genres, but this week....every book I had close to hand had a spoiler--or what I perceived as a spoiler. But I finally found this nifty quote, from Robin Hobb's latest Dragon Haven (Book two in the Rain Wilds Chronicles):

Pg 56: "The captain hadn't verbalized a threat, but killing hung in the air."

Yes, I'm looking forward to reading that one, now! :)

And from Paula Quinn's Ravished by a Highlander:
P. 56: "She needed to eat something besides berries, but there was no time to hunt."

Yep. Can't wait to read this one, either! I guess I know what I'm doing for summer vacation. ;)