Trying something a little different.

Well, you know how I can't always seem to stick to one thing, right? Well, yes, i've done it again. I've been reading quite a few ...ahem, rather adult things lately, so I thought maybe, this wasn't the place to put those--what with so many topics tied in here, most of a general audiences bent (romance aside). So I've decided to move some of the more R-rated readings to a new home. If you'd like to check those out, I'll be posting them up at the offshot of this one, Vixen Reviews. There's a new review I just put up, so please go check that out. :) (and, erm, follow it if you wish)I'm sure the author will appreciate it as much as I.

Thanks for putting up with me, and as ever, more stuff will be added to both as soon as I can get them read.

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