Susan McBride contest winner

First, let me say thanks to Susan McBride for the wonderful guest post she gave us, and for hanging in there with me through all the stuff that kept sidetracking the posting of said guestblog spot. Susan, thank you, also for being such a sweetheart! I look forward to our conversations. Please keep in touch!

All righty folks, now for the meat of this here post: the contest; yes, we have a winner. Picked by Buzz my Blog Random contest winner generator thingy, the winner of a copy of Susan McBride's The Cougar Club is:

Miranda(AKA Sweet Zephyr)!

*Applause and cue drum roll and trumpets please* Miranda, you should have my email by now, so as I soon as I hear from you, we'll get that ball rolling. :)

Thanks and I do hope y'all enjoyed this week's guest visit as much as I did!