Roxanne St. Claire's Hunt Her Down

Hunt Her Down
by Roxanne St. Claire
Pocket Books, 2009
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In Florida Romantic suspense author Roxanne St. Claire’s 2009 novel, Hunt Her Down, her PI group, the Bullet Catchers, are out on the trail of some habitual drug smugglers. They’ve dealt with these men before, or at least one of them has: Dan Gallagher has a history with this group of thugs that comes back to haunt him. When one of them is released from prison, he must find Maggie Varcek, the girl with whom he was involved at the time, and make sure she is safe; and he has to do so before the thugs, Alonso Jimenez and his son Ramon, come after her, exacting payment of their own. But the Bullet Catchers are on the case, and maybe between them, they can figure out just what it is that Alonso and Ramon want from her, and keep her from the hands of their slimy drug syndicate in the process….

Roxanne St. Claire presents an exciting, easily readable story in Hunt Her Down, one that doesn’t slow down from the first shots. In fact, it had the excitement and feel, for me—running as it did from Miami to Venezuela—of a script for a well-done episode of, say, Miami Vice. I’m relatively new to this genre so I can’t make direct comparisons; but maybe . . . This is comparable to a . . . Suzanne Brockmann? You can probably, as I did, find this in any local store, and I’m glad I did! I personally look forward to reading more about the Bullet Catchers, and have to say, if you’re looking for a wild ride, something a little exciting, a little spicy, do check out Roxanne St. Claire’s Hunt Her Down. You won’t regret the hunt for this little gem!

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