And as I was going to post....

...thunder hit. Oh, well. Short then, but what's new?

I decided to go back and rewrite a chapter I'd already finished (grr); so now we are up to god knows what in the word count--if I don't count the chapter that has to be rewritten. If I *do* then I can fudge and say I know what I'm up to. :) So since higher counts make me happy, let's do that. Because gods know, I haven't had much to be happy about this week...Yeah, had some personal stuff to take care of Friday, so I'm not really surprised I haven't gotten much done writing wise.

And of course, I also had weird dreams last night; got a battle ax to the arm. Have no idea what that's about....

New article coming up at Examiner tomorrow and hopefully, I can get more work done before the week's out. Must away...freaking thunder! Hoping my friend Blue hears something good about her friend. *fingers crossed*

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